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Treated Soccer Oval was levelled and Turf Fertiliser Program was applied. Photos were taken after 18months of treatment.

Untreated Soccer Oval has the same irrigation system and application timing as treated oval.


The Turf and Soil Program is a unique fertiliser program drawn from nutrient, humic and applied soil science, microbiology and fertiliser technology. 
The Program builds the ideal soil structure and fertility and maintains high quality turf.

The Program may include the following:

  1. Soil Analysis  Comprehensive and independent
  2. Soil Broadcast  Dry fertiliser / soil conditioning blend application
  3. Foliar Fertiliser  Balanced liquid nutrition and biology
  4. Fertigation  To maximise fertiliser efficiency and buffer toxicities
Turf Benefits
  • Facilitate irrigation and rain water soakage
  • Reduce surface hardness and compaction
  • Rich green, hard wearing turf
  • Ideal for high traffic turf
  • Build soil fertility and soil organic matter
  • Enhance root growth
  • Buffer salinity and toxicities
  • Address thatching issues
  • Reduce or eliminate toxic chemical use

Links & Downloads

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Oval Transformation:

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