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LawrieCo is working with farms across Australia to help produce better quality soil and plant performance that will enable them to produce better quality crops, higher yields, healthier animals and importantly, increase water retention.  All of which result in greater returns for the farmer.

We believe for any farmer, soil is our greatest asset.

The changes farms we work with see; Better quality soil enables farms to improve performance of their production and returns. For cropping and horticulture, the quality of the soil impacts the bottom line from yield to shelf life.  For graziers, soil quality impacts the health, fertility and growth rate of animals and eventually, the bottom line.

Smarter, more efficient farming methods are necessary to ensure profitable, sustainable farm enterprise and overcome the key concerns we see on farms we work with. Those key concerns are: growing more with less, water scarcity and the changing climate, and a significant decline in soil quality.

Our technology works with already established fertiliser techniques and programs to balance out the nutrition and biology of the soil. Our solid and liquid fertilisers are easy to apply, and are derived from natural materials such as bacteria, plants, fungi, minerals and trace elements. All of our products are a result of extensive research and development, with more than 20 years of successful results across Australia.

The team of LawrieCo experts provide analysis, advice and nutritional planning to farms and distribution partners across a range of industries including: broadacre cropping, pasture, dairy, horticulture, viticulture, tree crops, turf and landscape.

For more than 20 years, LawrieCo has worked and continues to work to develop next generation nutrition and biological products.Our products have been specifically designed to help improve soil quality in a way that protects the farms greatest asset and importantly, increases the return on investment for farmers for years to come.

Going beyond the yield; As farmers, we are passionate about seeing the industry in Australia succeed. We are working to develop initiatives for farmers that would see them generate income from the carbon they sequester in their soil.

Area Managers

Brendan Partridge

NSW & Riverina Manager

0456 802 693Brendan Partridge, LawrieCo Field Consultant

Brendan is from a farming background in the Victorian Western Districts and has managed large scale broadacre properties in Victoria. He has a real passion for working with clients, extenuated by his outgoing and approachable personality, history of farming experience and his understanding and knowledge of cropping and agriculture. Prior to joining LawrieCo, Brendan spent 5 years as Regional Sales Manager and Victorian Hub Manager for Precision Agriculture and was responsible for identifying and pursuing new business opportunities across Victoria. With his experience in business development, coupled with his farm management experience, Brendan will bring strong experience to our team.


Rodney Capon

NSW & Vic Area Manager

Rodney Capon, LawrieCo Field Consultant0409 822 011

Rodney is originally from Adelaide where he started out as a landscape gardener. He moved to the Sunraysia area in Northern Victoria / Southern New South Wales in the late 90s where he was involved in several large scale horticulture developments with a key focus on soil improvement and fertility. As part of his many roles he was involved in the importation and trials of humate plant and biological based soil conditioners. Rodney then entered into the nursery industry where he continued to learn the importance of soil carbon and soil biology. In the mid 2000s he changed direction and took control of a large dry land cropping / grazing property also comprising irrigation and some horticulture. Here he experimented with more humates and biological inoculants having outstanding results. He is excited to now be part of the LawrieCo team and to helping others gain the rewards of healthy soil.  


Gordon Child

SA Horticulture

0447 750 963 -

Originally from a farming background in the Coonawarra region in the South East of South Australia, Gordon now lives in Adelaide with his wife Jane and 16-year-old son Sandy. Gordon brings a wealth of sales and technical experience to LawrieCo in both the broadacre and horticultural markets, spending most of his career in commercially based technical roles.

Having run his own seed production, cereal cropping, prime lamb and beef enterprises, in addition to producing vegetables for 10 years, Gordon brings a wealth of practical experience. All this was achieved prior to his agronomic career based in the Coonawarra Region.

Gordon has worked for rural resellers, Abbot Laboratories in biological crop protection, PlantTech Seeds, and then, for the past 6 years has been with Organic Crop Protectants (OCP) in a Product Development and Area Sales role. 

Gordon adds to the strength of our team bringing an experienced technical perspective while also adding value to our customers in the key horticultural segments: Viticulture, Almonds and Potatoes. 

Possessing a strong passion for soil and plant health utilising the benefits of biological input management, whilst also building soil carbon, Gordon is well positioned to help his customers capitalise on the new carbon trading project that LawrieCo has designed. Gordon will be based out of Regency Park.


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Building a healthy future for agriculture is LawrieCo's vision.

We grow productive outcomes by optimising plant performance and improve the soil for generations to come.

Through innovation we deliver simple, effective solutions for producers and our business partners.


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