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Trial: Faba Bean, Maitland SA

Farmers aim to produce nutrient dense crops of a high quality. The aim is to have lower pest & diseases pressure, while reducing the environmental risk, and still build yield. These results ultimately lift farm returns. 

LawrieCo focuses on making it simple. We aim to make balanced nutrition simple & effective, while easy to apply, which is why it is exciting to see the great results from growers who have incorporated NutriMAX PhosCal into their nutrition program.

Growers report the following benefits from using PhosCal:

  • Early flowering response and improved retention in legume and bean crops
  • Reduced fungal disease & insect damage across many crop types
  • Yield gains in broadacre crops
  • Improved flavour, crisper fruit and less fruit marking in table grapes
  • Longer produce shelf life in stone fruit and vegetables
  • Significant yield increases in grape vines


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Download Maitland Faba Bean Trial Report

Faba Bean Trial - NutriMAX PhosCal

An independant trial on a growers property in Maitland, South Australia was performed in the 2019 growing season.

The product was applied just on flowering at a rate of 5L per hectare, at a time when the plant was actually in moisture stress due to lower than average rainfall.

Whilst there was no visible difference in the treated versus non-treated crop from post flowering through to harvest, the yield data proved that there was a difference of 510 kilos per hectare.

Trial Details and Results


Location Maitland SA
Area 40 ha
Soil Type Clay/Loam soil
Crop Samira Faba Beans
Water 100 L
Treated Area

5L per hectare on flowering