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Trial: Fruit Size and Returns in Citrus

Background: Fruit Size and Market

The export market and grading for oranges is assessed against fruit size. The difference in price per tonne is significant if growers can increase their pool of fruit grown to meet higher export grade specifications (count). For example in the current market there is a significant price difference between export fruit grades (based on fruit size).

The aim of the trial is to target specific nutritional requirements for fruit sizing with foliar nutrition in NutriMAX PhosCal and molybdenum to increase fruit size and weight and produce a return on investment from premiums paid for fruit which meets higher export grades.

Trial Objective

Assess the return on investment with the application of specific foliar applied nutrition during fruit sizing growth stages on citrus.

  • Apply foliar nutrition with NutriMAX PhosCal and Molybdenum post fruit set
  • Assess its influence on fruit size and weight and affect the pool of fruit which meets export grade (by size)
  • Assess return on nutrient investment in the context of current export market prices

Key Outcomes

The increased % of fruit which met export grade, resulted in an increased crop value of upto $4816 per hectare.


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Trial Nutritional Product

Return on Nutrient Investment

Both Trial Blocks showed a significant increase in average size and percentage of fruit which met the size spec. for higher export grades.

Based on current export prices the increased pool of fruit in the higher grades contributes to an increase in crop value upto $4,816 per hectare.

The overall RONI for both blocks is $42-49 Return Per Dollar Invested.

Trial Results

In both trial blocks (9 and 33) measurements demonstrated a significant increase in fruit size and weight in the treated areas. 

Increased average fruit size of

  • 1.71mm on Block 9
  • 3.05mm on Block 33

Average fruit weight increase of

  • 13.4g on Block 9
  • 25.6g on Block 33