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Trial: Nitrogen Efficiency in Wheat 2013

Trial Outline

The trial was designed to compare various fertiliser applications in terms of grain yield and quality of wheat including BioMAX Soluble Humates with Urea applications.

  • Independent trial undertaken by Peracto, each treatment was randomly replicated four times.
  • Wheat crop variety was Emu Rock.
  • 2013 growing season had above average rainfall May – Sept. Despite a dry spring, yields were above the average for the district


Download Nitrogen efficiency in Wheat Trial Snapshot

Trial Timing

  • Seed treatment applied as seed dressing one day prior to sowing on 17 May 13.
  • GreenSeeker assessment taken on 28 Jun 13 at crop stage BBCH21.
  • Broadcast application of fertiliser treatments on 02 Aug 13 at crop stage BBCH 32.
  • Crop vigour / phytotoxicity assessment on 11 Sep 13 at crop growth stage BBCH 63.
  • Crop harvested on 14 Nov 13 at crop stage BBCH 99.

Key Yield and Grain Quality

  • Highest average yield of 5309kg/ha from Treatment C (BioMAX Soluble Humates with broadcast urea 100 kg/ha). This represented a 2.5% increase above the comparative Treatment A (Urea 100kg/ha). Additionally Treatment C showed a 0.7% reduction in screenings and 0.6% increase in mean protein.
  • Comparison of 50 kg/ha Urea Treatments B to Urea with BioMAX Soluble Humates (Treatment D) also showed a reduction in screenings of 1.75% and increase in mean protein of 0.3%.

Overall the ouctomes support the return on investment of applying Urea with humic (in the form of BioMAX Soluble Humate Granule).

The return on investment is delivered by

  • Increased Yield (up to 2.5%)
  • Reduced Screening of grain (0.7%-1.75%)
  • Higher Mean Protein in grain (0.3%-0.6%)

Peracto Fertiliser trial site at Tarlee SA - 2/8/2013

Trial Site Nitrogen Efficiency in Wheat at Tarlee SA - Peracto and LawrieCo