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Palatable licks deliver gut health benefits

31 March 2016

The humic and fulvic in BioMAX Stock Licks deliver the nutrition and feed utilisation benefits.

Animal grade humic and fulvic acids combine with a balance of essential nutrients in BioMAX Stock Licks. The non-toxic, no urea formulation is designed to optimise feed utilisation and animal health benefits.

The humic and fulvic acids component improves gut health for better nutrition uptake and feed utilisation while stimulating the immune system.

A recent product development of BioMAX Stock Licks focussed on maintaining the nutrient and humic component balance, while enhancing palatability and stability (not too hard and not crumbly). Additionally a boost to nutrient, kelp and amino acid content was included in the re-formulation.

A trial of six formulations with various binders and 'sweetener' combinations were sampled by sheep and cattle on farms throughout SA and Vic. The outcome was a combination of two which had the highest reports for stock preference while maintaining texture and stability.

We would like to thank the farms who undertook the trial of the various block options.

The improved BioMAX Stock Lick blocks are now available.


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