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BioLogic Blend

Soil conditioner and balanced fertiliser

Improve soil phosphorus availability.

Introduce significant humic acid or 'Active' Carbon* content, solubolised through biological process.

Rapid improvement in soil structure, organic carbon, nutrient availability and stimulate soil biological activity.

  • Use for soil remediation including low carbon, compacted, salt affected and sandy soils.
  • Stimulate beneficial microbial activity in the root zone and biological processes: nitrogen fixation, phosphorus solubolisation, growth hormone production.
  • Build water holding capacity and nutrient availability.
  • Biologic Blend is inoculated with specific beneficial microbiology to solubolise the high concentration of humic and fulvic acids.
  • Solubilising humic acid aids its ability to become part of the soil solution and chemical activity. This increases its dispersion in the soil and levels of chemical bonding with nutrients, keeping more nutrients plant available.

*Read About 'Active' Carbon and how it speeds up soil health changes

CUSTOM BioLogic Blends

Specific nutrient imbalances and deficiencies can be addressed effectively with a customised blend to meet your soil, crop or pasture needs. 

Additional phosphorus, calcium (lime or gypsum), nitrogen, potassium and trace elements can be added. Custom blends are based on comprehensive soil analysis, contact LawrieCo Area Manager or your distributor to arrange.

Typical Analysis

Nitrogen 0.3%
Phosphorous 2.2%
Potassium 0.05%
Sulphur 1.6%
Calcium 6.7%
Magnesium 0.9%
Sodium 0.3%
Silica 0.12%
Organic Carbon 22.3%
Humic Acid 27.3%
Manganese 0.03%
Iron 2.9%
Moisture 25-35%
Microbial Inoculum: Azotobacter, Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Trichoderma and other selected species

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