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Lupin quality stands out

16 February 2016

Ian Clarke of Goomalling in WA has been using LawrieCo's Seeding options in crop establishment, including Soluble Humates with his fertiliser since 2009.

"We are happy with the results we have had since adding Humates with our upfront fertiliser and VAM seed dressing.

It feels like we are on the right track; the crops establish well and are also protected throughout the season."

"Particularly last season (2015) we noticed the quality of the lupins which had no insect damage and hadn’t required insecticide or herbicide."

Ian's Lupin Inputs included – 10 Litres/T of Seed of SureCROP VAM and 20kg/ha BioMAX Soluble Humate prills mixed with fertiliser.

"The seed cleaner was amazed at the quality and asked ‘what the heck have you been doing?'

They were the cleanest lupins (for insect damage) he’d seen all season. I can do a lot of talking, but you really have to try it for yourself as it's when you see the results in the paddock that it all starts to really make sense."

With regard to weed control, Ian also adds with improved soil health 

"we are finding we have been able to reduce chemical (herbicide) volumes as it’s “easier kill”,  this is really important with the resistance problems we have."



SureCROP VAM Seed Dressing

BioMAX Soluble Humates

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