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Every paddock has a 'Poor Spot'

12 January 2016

Atze_BarleyCrop_2015The Atze's (father Barry and son Tim) have been using LawrieCo seeding fertiliser options since 2002 on their cropping enterprise at Pinnaroo, in the South Australian mallee.

In recent times, the Atze's have seen improved grain quality with LawrieCo's liquid traces also.

“We have used the MangZincCu product as a crop foliar spray.
It’s been very easy to use and can be tank mixed with the broadleaf herbicides we’ve used.
I also found that a late application gained an improvement in grain test weight at harvest"
Tim comments.

When getting the crop in Barry would not entertain growing a crop without using SureCROP VAM seed dressing;

“Ever since we have used (SureCrop) VAM we achieve good early root growth, good even germination with a fresh green appearance."

In addition to applying SureCROP VAM seed dressing, the Atze's use NutriMAX Granular Fertiliser which includes Soluble Humates at 10%.

"The combination of (Soluble) humates and VAM has enabled us to now grow a crop where we could not 10 years ago. In a tough year like this where frost has hit the flats the hills have held on better and would be twice as good as 5 years ago."

Barry believes the use of SureCROP VAM and humates (with fertiliser) long term has improved his poorest country to a stage where it is getting more productive each year.  Before frost and the dry spring hit this year Barry felt his crops had as much potential as any he had grown.

The Atze's grow wheat, barley, canola, beans, peas, lupins and triticale.

The photo shows Tim and Barry in front of a compass barley crop in 2015 which averaged 3 t/ha, area around photo yielded 4 t/ha, all seed retained for planting following season.

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