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2015 Harvest at Peake SA

12 January 2016

2015 Harvest Report - Peake SA

“2014 was a tough year on canola. The difference between break even and profit for us was LawrieCo foliar traces.” 

In addition to liquid traces in 2015 the harvest at Marrett's demonstrated the ongoing benefits of adding BioMAX Soluble Humates to fertiliser following a trial in 2014.

A farm trial in 2014 (see below) compared current fertiliser with and without a high rate of Soluble Humate Prills (SHP).

"Drought years have been challenging, but by using LawrieCo humates over subsequent years, it has improved yield and crop consistency."  Daniel Marrett

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2014 Marrett Soluble Humate Farm Trial Details

The farm trial compared fertiliser applications with and without a high rate (45kg/ha) of Soluble Humates. Normal recommended rate is around 10 kg/ha depending on crop and soil etc...

Below is a table of fertiliser input costs, yield, wheat quality and simple Gross Margin Profit.