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Funds Available for Farmers who improve Soil Carbon Levels

6 January 2016

A recent contract with the Australian Governments Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) gives farmers the opportunity to be paid for Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) increases. This is a means to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and address climate change. LawrieCo have been working closely with the Regenerative Australian Farmers (RAF) Group and Corporate Carbon who have co-ordinated the successful bid and ERF contract. 

A number of farmers LawrieCo work with are registered and will have the opportunity to be paid over the next 10 years for SOC increases.

There is future opportunity for farmers to participate in ERF, please register your interest with LawrieCo and we will keep you informed.


Global initiative around Soil Carbon

You may have seen the recent announcement in Paris where the sequestration of Soil Carbon was heralded as the way forward to combat Climate change – our PM Malcolm Turnbull signed Australia up for the ‘4 in 1000’ program.  The target is to put 0.4 % SOC back in the Soil per annum.


 Is it possible? We believe it is!

It is widely recognised there has been a steady decline in soil health of Australia’s agricultural soils over the last century.

Putting climate change aside, SOC levels have a direct correlation with soils water holding capacity, beneficial soil biology, soil structure and importantly productivity and farm profitability.
These are the reasons LawrieCo and farmers we work with value soil carbon so highly, importantly there are a number of farmers showing soil carbon increases by integrating biological fertilisers into their current fertiliser practise.

When you add funds for contributing to the ERF climate solution and a healthier soil asset for current and future generations… Soil gets exciting!

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST in future ERF Submissions and we will keep you up to date.