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16 December 2015

BioGraze is a proven fertiliser designed to maximise Pasture Productivity & Returns 

With many repeat clients who claim extended growing periods and improved stock health.

BioGraze - Naracoorte SA
Since using BioGraze we have noticed, that along with improved soil health, we have also seen  improvements in the health of the stock that are grazing this country. 
We have virtually eliminated the use of trace element drenching and supplements in feeding which is saving us time and money and resulting in better stock health.
Tom Hage, Naracoorte SA

BioGraze - Allendale SA
Firstly we got our soil right, then our pastures  had good sugars and nutrients resulting in a healthy plant and healthy cattle. We noticed the cattle required less supplementary feed when our pasture sugar levels were higher. 
We also found we used less water on the pivot irrigation because the soil held moisture better.    
Ian Fox, Allendale SA

BioGraze - Timboon Vic
We have had great results from BioGraze. I believe it has stopped a lot of leaching which has enabled us to build a soil fertiliser base. Particularly in the lighter sandy soils, the humates have definitely built up better soil structure. 
We’ve also seen improved grass growth over the last 5 years, allowing us to become very self-sufficient.    
Mick Hunt, Timboon Vic

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