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2016 Autumn Fertilisers... with ABC

15 December 2015


Fertiliser ABC - LawrieCo Autumn 2016 Products

2016 Autumn Fertiliser Flyer


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1. Why we Add Biology & Carbon
2. What farmer's are saying
3. Fertiliser for crops & pasture

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LawrieCo Fertilisers follow the ABC rule... Add Biology and Carbon

Fertiliser Works Better with a Biology and Carbon Base

After addressing nutrient requirements and balance we recognise the next limiting factors in agricultural soils for productivity are the Carbon (Soil Organic Carbon) and Biology such as the balance of beneficial bacteria and fungi.

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What Farmer's are Saying

"We have seen increases in available phosphorous levels and soil carbon. Over the past 12 years there have been overall improvements in our crops, soil health and fertility using LawrieCo’s seeding program. We are very happy with where our farm is heading."    David Henderson, Cropping at Caltowie SA     Watch a video of David 

"Particularly in our lighter sandy soils, the humates have definitely built up better soil structure. We’ve also seen improved grass growth over the last 5 years, allowing us to become very self-sufficient."    Mick Hunt, Dairy at Timboon Vic

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Our Soil Applied Fertilisers integrate Nutrients with Biology and Carbon

We design our fertiliser options to maximise fertiliser efficiency, production, soil health and return on investment.

Soil applied Broadacre Cropping and Pasture options:

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