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Emissions Reduction Fund Round 2

18 August 2015

LawrieCo associates Regenerative Australian Farmers led a successful bid in the emission reduction fund tender and won $50 million for participating carbon sequestration farms. RAF are now in the final stages of a substantially higher bid to win even more. The amount of money available can be increased if you sign up to support the bid. Make sure you grab your opportunity now before spaces fill up.


Regenerative Australian Farmers (RAF) provides environmentally and commercially sound ‘turn key’ yield improvement programs, reducing farm input costs as well as sustainably increasing farm profitability. This is accomplished in collaboration with partners, and using the latest technology alongside regenerative soil practices.


The emissions reduction fund (ERF) held its first auction for greenhouse gas (GHG) credits, spending $660 million of its $2.55b budget, to purchase 47 million tonnes of GHG abatement. The average price across the 107 projects contracted was $13.95 per ACCU. Five of these were for soil carbon (grazing).

The soil carbon bid was based on the expressions of interest put forward to Regenerative Australian Farmers (RAF) and Carbon Link, which totalled 2.9 million ha and has the capacity to sequester an estimated 1.6m tonnes of CO2e per annum.

The bid was based on the current soil carbon methodology, which is not capable of being scaled up to that quantity. The team is now drafting a new methodology to allow us to increase accuracy and bring the costs down to allow us to take this opportunity to the farmers and graziers involved, noting that there is no certainty that once the ERF funds are exhausted the ERF will be topped up.

Those of you that expressed interest in participating in the soil carbon auction process will be communicated with directly over the coming weeks, in preparation to register for the new round of the ERF which closes September 18. There will also be an opportunity for new properties to be listed.

Due to the tight timeframes, we suggest you strike while the iron is hot if you wish to be access the ERF funds. (REGISTER YOUR INTEREST) (Hyperlink to RAF website)