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Liquid Fertiliser . . . Make Every Drop Count

16 June 2015

LawrieCo’s Liquid Fertilisers include prime the plant to accept increased nutrition for improved uptake and efficiency... making every drop count!

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On average the nutrient components of liquid fertilisers account for 45-60% of total volume.  What makes up the remaining 40-55% of volume?

Usually most of the remaining volume is just water, used to solubolize the minerals within. Some products also incorporate chelating or complexing agents, to aid efficiency.

LawrieCo liquid products are made with a microbial liquid base containing the by-products (metabolites) from known beneficial soil microbes... also known as biostimulants.

So HumiPLEX and NutriMAX liquid fertilisers are filled with natural plant growth hormones, vitamins and immune enhancers.  This improves plant health, and in turn increases the capacity to uptake and utilise soil minerals and mineral fertilisers applied to the leaf and the soil.

We also include fulvic, a natural chelation and uptake agent which has a wide variety of proven plant benefits.

For more info on the benefits of biostimulants and fulvic go to the ‘Trials & Technical’ page at


“2014 was a tough year on canola. The difference between break even and profit for us was LawrieCo foliar traces.”  Daniel Marrett, Peake SA


“We have used the MangZincCu product as a crop foliar spray. It’s been very easy to use and can be tank mixed with the broadleaf herbicides we’ve used. I also found that a late application gained an improvement in grain test weight at harvest. This year I am using it as a liquid inject fertiliser at seeding; hoping to see an improvement in early plant vigour.”  Tim Atze, Pinnaroo SA


“In my experience, LawrieCo fertiliser promotes a nutrient rich highly digestible pasture that converted to some very impressive weight gains in our lambs.”  Paul Parker ‘Long Island’, Robe SA


“We have been using LawrieCo liquid fertiliser every year since 2007. The liquid fertiliser / solid fertiliser program allows us to fertilise the whole property every year and stay within our budget guidelines. The program addresses plant deficiencies and helps to create strong healthy plants that are less susceptible to pest issues and promote better animal health.”  Noel Elliott, Rural Manager for Tidswell Wines, Lucindale SA


“We trialled the new LawrieCo product Cal-N Fulvate on our lettuce against our normal Calcium Nitrate fertiliser. The Cal-N Fulvate greened the lettuce up literally overnight so we decided to fertigate it over our normal treatment to green them up as well. It worked that well.”  Gino Musolino, T Musolino P/L, Virginia SA