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Building Soil Health in Naturally Acidic Soils

20 May 2015

LawrieCo calendar - May 2015 - Alan Groocock, Telopea Downs, VIC.

For years cropping farmer Alan Groocock could see no sense in putting acid based fertiliser on his naturally acidic soils (early soil test pH 4.8-5.0). Looking at alternatives LawrieCos biological focus on building soil health offered options he could integrate into his fertiliser program.

In 2005 Alan started introducing biological inputs where he could see a fit on his property, he hasn’t gone in ‘boots and all’ but picked bits out to suit:

·         At seeding he adds BioMAX Soluble Humates to his fertiliser and applies SureCROP VAM seed dressing.

·         In-crop he also applies HumiPLEX liquid trace elements with beneficial biology, utilising his on-farm brewing setup to multiply BioMAX MicroLife.

Over the ten years Alan has noticed the crops visually look healthier from year to year, and hang on longer in drier seasons. There’s been a reduction in red mite and insect pressure across the board. Mushrooms and other fungi growth are returning, indicating an increase in soil carbon.