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BioMAX Kelp Powder

100% Soluble Canadian Kelp - High Concentrate

  • Enhance plant health and fruit quality with potent chelating agents, natural plant hormones and complex sugars
  • Increase resistance to frost and environmental stresses
  • Boost yield and quality by improving flowering and fruit set

How does kelp improve plant health?

Kelp powder contains natural plant hormones to promote and influence growth development of cells and tissue. These hormones trigger specific plant growth responses, leading to healthier, more productive crops. This aids in building plant resistance to environmental and biological stresses.

Typical Analysis

Nitrogen 0.5%min
Potassium (as oxide) 12.4% min
Potassium (as organic) 1.7% min
Sulfur 1-2.0% min
Calcium 0.2-0.5%
Magnesium 0.2-0.6%
Boron 0.0075%
Iron 0.02%
Manganese 0.004%
Copper 0.001%
Zinc 0.005%
Carbon (organic) 20% min

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BioMAX Soluble Kelp Powder flyer including application timing and mixing rate details

BioMAX Soluble Kelp Powder SDS

Organic Certificate

NOP Compliance Letter