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NutriMAX Guano Granule


Sustained release of Phosphorus, ensures plant availability throughout the growing season.
Maximising production and return on your nutrient investment.
Optimise quality of produce and natural response to pest and disease pressure.

  • Calcium and silicon build cell strength for improved plant health, produce quality and natural response to pest and disease pressure.
  • Silica in combination with phosphorus will improve plants uptake of phosphorus.
  • Guano is a natural biostimulant and will promote beneficial soil biological processes and plant root and soil interactions.
  • Can be blended with traditional granular fertilisers.
  • Suitable for air-seeder application.

Typical Analysis (w/w)

Total Phosphorus 11.5%
Potassium 0.36%
Sulphur 1.38%
Calcium 29.72%
Silica 9.23%
Magnesium 1.84%
Iron 0.565%
Manganese 0.038%
Zinc 0.007%
Boron 0.003%

Essential Plant Nutrients with Easy Application
Guano provides nutrient density to plants that is highly plant available, ensuring plant growth and productivity results. High in phosphorus with calcium, silica and boron as well as many other trace minerals. Optimal delivery of this nutrient combination is made possible through a simple easy to apply granule.

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NutriMAX Guano Granules Flyer including application timing.

NutriMAX Guano Granules SDS

Organic Certificate

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Further Information

Available in 25kg bags and 1.25 tonne bulka bags.

To be stored in a clean, dry, well ventilated and dark place.