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NutriMAX Winter Dairy

High Strength Nitrogen and Traces Complexed with Fulvic

  • 19% Nitrogen plus Sulphur, Calcium, Manganese, Zinc, Copper and Boron complexed with natural uptake and buffering agent Fulvic.
  • Maximise winter pasture health and productivity.
  • Ideal when paddocks are too wet to apply solid fertiliser.
  • Fulvic can interact with sunlight to enhance photosynthesis, which can be particularly valuable during prolonged cloudy periods.
  • Giberrellic Acid can be added to give an extra boost during cold winter months.

Typical Analysis

Nitrogen 19.0%
Phosphorous 0.25%
Sulphur 0.65%
Calcium 0.5%
Manganese 0.5%
Zinc 0.4%
Copper 0.3%
Boron 0.05%
Fulvic Acid 0.1%
pH 2.55-2.85



Foliar Application Rates
Pasture 30 L/Ha
BioMAX Fulvic (optional for increased plant uptake) 1-3 L/Ha
Warning: This fertiliser is not recommended for repeated foliar applications on citrus trees.
Rates and timings may vary depending on crop and season.
Always consult a LawrieCo consultant or distributor for specific recommendations.

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