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Revive Tired Soils for Vines & Tree Crops

20 May 2015

NutriMAX Revive application timing and rates:

NutriMAX Revive has been specifically formulated for rebuilding sand, salt affected and compacted soils.

For viticulture and tree crops winter is an ideal time to start addressing sandy soils by applying NutriMAX Revive, a complete fertilizer complexed with humic acid and inoculated with beneficial biology and food sources including natural plant hormones.

NutriMAX Revive is applied at 200-1000kg/ha.

LawrieCo can blend NutriMAX Revive with other components such as Potassium Sulphate, Sulphate of Ammonia or extra trace elements to address crop specific needs or soil deficiencies. Contact your LawrieCo Field Advisor so they can work with you and your local store to achieve the best results.


How NutriMAX Revive helps rebuild tired soils:

The smell of a soil can often reveal its state of health, sweet or offensive or plain bland, just like smelling some ones breathe. Another easy indicator is an agronomic device called a penetrometer which is used to measure compaction and forces exerted by the soil on plant roots. These two simple tests can immediately tell us a lot about soil health and plant performance.

So what drives the sweet smell of soil? Well the smell does not actually come from the dirt itself, but from soil microbes that inhabit a healthy soil environment. Sweet smelling soil has good levels of organic carbon which is vital to supporting the world of billions of beneficial bacteria and fungi in every cup of healthy soil.

Micro biologists, have traced the pleasant odour to an organic chemical called “Geosim” which is a by product from these beneficial bacteria. Soils with Geosim are often soils with good organic carbon, good soil structure and with a balanced mineral profile.

Soil structure has a major influence on soil biology. Soils that are compacted (like clay)or lack structure(like white sand) usually have problems with aeration and drainage. Often these two factors are associated with poor soil biology as low soil oxygen and saturated soil profiles do not support a nurturing environment for micro organisms. Micro organisms enable the breakdown of organic matter to humus, the gluing of soil particles that build soil aggregates for improved soil structure and for mineralisation processes that form part of a healthy soil environment.

We are seeing more and more soil systems in permanent horticulture and in viticulture losing their friable nature, increasing poor infiltration and drainage, and generally becoming more lifeless and hard setting in nature with lowering levels of organic carbon. This can be largely attributed to increase use of herbicides, fungicides, fertilisers with a high salt index and increasingly higher applications of synthetic nitrogen. These factors cause soil environments to become more toxic and unable to support natural levels of beneficial soil biology.

So how can we revive these deteriorated soil environments back to thriving healthy fertile soils?  Well the answer is in a complete living carbon based fertiliser blended specifically to revive tired hard compacted soils, salted affected soils, and sandy soils with low organic carbon.

NutriMax Revive offers a carbon source of 15% and works with compost if you desire, but with such a concentrated carbon source far greater than compost, it is usually applied on its own.

NutriMax Revive works to enhance soil biological function while building soil carbon and creating an environment for soil biology to thrive and multiply. This is your very own microbial soil workforce.

NutriMax Revive can be custom formulated for individual farms higher calcium and sulphur requirements, and for additional potassium for fruiting crops.

If you are looking to Revive your soil and breathe new life into it, then NutriMax Revive is a cost effective and proven way to restore your soil and get that sweet smell back into your dirt.

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