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ReGenerate Blend


Complete turf and garden fertiliser and soil conditioner with a carbon base

  • Concentrated mineral fertiliser with the benefits of humic acid and carbon.
  • Increase available phosphorous and other nutrients in the soil.
  • Greater resilience to environmental, pest and disease impacts.
  • Improve soil water use efficiency.
  • Ideal for re-vegetation and soil remediation.
  • Produces healthy turf and plants with high disease immunity.
  • Rapid improvement in soil structure and fertility.
  • Opens up heavy soils.
  • Builds moisture and nutrient holding capacity and structure in sandy soils.
  • Builds ideal conditions for beneficial soil biology.

Typical Analysis

Nitrogen 1.8%
Phosphorous 1.9%
Potassium 2.1%
Sulphur 2.99%
Calcium 7.2%
Magnesium 1.0%
Iron 1.96%
Manganese 0.14%
Copper 0.05%
Zinc 0.15%
Boron 8 mg/L
Molybdenum 1.8 mg/L
Cobalt 1.4 mg/L
Silicon 2.64%
Carbon 22.2%
Humic Acid 10.8%
Fulvic Acid 3.0%
Ulmic Acid 0.78%



Landscape 2-5 T/Ha
Turf Maintenance 2-5 T/Ha
Soil Remediation 5-10 T/Ha
Garden 250-500 g/m2
Pot Plants 1-2 Tbsp/pot
             Broadcast with a belt type spreader
Rates and timings may change depending on crop and season. Always consult a LawrieCo area manager or distributor for specific recommendations.

Soil Biology Releases Locked-up Nutrients

Soil biological activity is vital to releasing P and trace elements locked up in Australian soils. To stimulate biology Regenerate includes humic and fulvic and is also inoculated with beneficial biology and food sources including natural biostimulants.


Links & Downloads

Click here for details on your local LawrieCo Area Manager.

Regenerate Flyer including application timing information.


Further Information

Available in bulk, 1 Tonne bulka bags and 25kg bags.

Compatible with many other dry fertilisers.