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2013 Peracto Wheat Fertiliser Trial Snapshot

18 February 2014


  • Independent trial undertaken by Peracto, each treatment was randomly replicated four times. Wheat crop variety was Emu Rock.
  • Compare various fertiliser applications in terms of grain yield and quality of wheat including LawrieCo Seeding Program and Soluble Humates with Urea applications
  • 2013 growing season had above average rainfall May – Sept. Despite a dry spring, yields were above the average for the district
  • Seed treatment applied as seed dressing one day prior to sowing on 17 May 13.
  • GreenSeeker assessment taken on 28 Jun 13 at crop stage BBCH21.
  • Broadcast application of fertiliser treatments on 02 Aug 13 at crop stage BBCH 32.
  • Crop vigour / phytotoxicity assessment on 11 Sep 13 at crop growth stage BBCH 63.
  • Crop harvested on 14 Nov 13 at crop stage BBCH 99.
  • Highest average yield of 5309kg/ha from treatment C - Soluble Humates with broadcast urea 100 kg/ha.
  • Highest yield was followed by treatment E - LawrieCo seeding program (SureCrop VAM + NutriMAX granule) with average yield of 5287 kg/ha.
  • Comparison of Urea treatments (A & B) to Urea with Soluble Humates (C & D); when soluble humates were used protein % increased and screenings reduced.

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