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LawrieCo Teams Up with SANTFA

18 August 2020


The vision for SANTFA is that they will continue to grow as an influential organization that provides high quality and challenging information on no-tills systems.

     LawrieCo is proud to be associated with the SANTFA group and assist the members with advice & suggestions as to how best to implement Regenerative farming options, or start the whole process, as sometimes it can appear quite daunting. 

     SANTFA remains farmer based, farmer driven and fiercely independent. They will work to increase the area of no-till and to attract new supporters to conservation farming, which brings substantial & significant benefits to all involved.

     SANTFA aims to provide education and information for growers being introduced to no-till farming as well as growers who require advanced support. In both cases, SANTFA will continue to focus on options that enable their members to meet the triple bottom line outcomes of economic, environmental, and social sustainability. 

To enquire about LawrieCo's involvement, contact Peter Davidson on 0407 992 532.