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Post Harvest Fertilisers

14 March 2019

Most growers are well into harvest now and the end is in sight. The vines and trees have done it tough with extreme conditions this season, and will be looking to replenish their reserves in preparation for next season.

Applying post harvest fertiliser is arguably one of the most important and valuable times for plant nutrition. After harvest, growers have an opportunity to address any issues in the plant nutrient status before next season.

Once the crop has been harvested it’s like ‘flicking a switch’ for the plant which changes from fruit production, to replenishing nutrients and carbohydrates in preparation for next season’s crop. A new flush of root growth occurs to aid the uptake of water and nutrients.

It is not only the plants that need replenishing but the soil as well. When we apply synthetic nitrogen to the soil, it burns up carbon stocks in the soil, which is vital as carbon is a key food source of soil biology.

Over time this low carbon environment leads to reduced biological activity and reduced nutrient cycling, water efficiency, and disease resistance in plants.

Post harvest fertiliser applications are:

A combination of approaches are available to replace essential nutrients and carbon to your plants and soil. These include foliar spraying, fertigation and spreading of granular fertiliser and soil conditioners.

The below chart is a guide. Please contact your local Area Sales Manager for further information on tailoring a program specific to your situation.