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Nutrient Advantage of BioGraze compared to Single Super

29 November 2018

It is pretty common across grazing paddock that high rates of phosphorus are applied, often without the high return in production. This is likely to be related to the ’availability’ of the phosphorus and the form it is applied in. Another outcome of high phosphorus rates is increasing acidity in the soil, especially with applications of single super over longer periods of time. Soil acidity reduces the availability of other nutrients such as essential trace elements like zinc, manganese and copper and has an effect on stock health outcomes as they become reduced in the pasture nutrient levels.

The formulation of BioGraze specifically for pasture production is designed to overcome some of the adverse outcomes associated with long term Single Super applications.

  • Firstly, the phosphorus component is made up of both soluble (quick release) and slow release and gives a sustained pasture response. This means pasture has access to the phosphorus upfront and for longer during the growth period.
  • Secondly, the soil conditioning base also holds the nutrients in BioGraze plant available, so they are less likely to ‘lock-up’ or create acidic conditions. This is the role of ‘active carbon’ in natural healthy soils and this component of BioGraze recreates this function in a fertiliser application.
  • Thirdly, the product has a balance of minerals in addition to the essential phosphorus for pasture growth it contains calcium for cell strength in pastures, nitrogen and four of the key trace elements that promote optimal stock health – zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt.

The effectiveness of nutrients in BioGraze gives a greater return on the nutrient investment and pastures which hold on for longer, improved soil fertility (including acidity and water retention), stock health and weight gains.


Customised Biograze blends are available.

Include potassium, trace elements and other minerals according to soil analysis and pasture production needs.

Available in bulk and 1T Bulka Bags ex Naracoorte SA
Low-Medium Rainfall 150-200 kg/ha
High Rainfall/ Irrigated 200-250 kg/ha
BioGraze CS 200-300 kg/ha
Poor Soils: Salt affected / Compaction
The soil conditioning effect of BioGraze CS with additional humic acid, calcium and sulphur is ideal for remediating paddocks back to production where salt and/or compaction are issues.
Establishing New Pasture
Include SureCROP VAM seed dressing on new pasture seed for early germination and vigour. The introduction of beneficial fungi in SureCROP VAM increases the pastures natural resilience to early growth insect pressure. Teamed with Phosphorus, Zinc, Silica and Calcium for a balanced start.
Talk to your local Area Manager or distributor for specific soil and pasture requirements based on soil analysis information.


“When there is a significant rainfall it soaks in more quickly and in the dry months pasture stays green for longer, extending our growing season. The pastures and Lucerne have better resilience to red legged earth mite and grasshoppers. The insects are present in the dry matter on the ground but the pastures are not being affected. Soil analyses show the past trend toward acidic soils is reversing. Five years ago soil pH was below ideal, from 4.7 - 5.9; recently soil pH results were closer to the ideal range from 5.3 - 6.9. There has also been a increasing trend in soil organic carbon levels, which aligns with farm benefits to water efficiency and extended growing season."
Egremont Pastoral Co. Lucindale SA
Full Testimonial from Lucindale SA
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