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Stock gut flora in dry conditions

23 November 2018

With dry conditions currently across many agricultural areas, ensuring efficiency in stock feed is essential. There is a strong link between stock gut health and feed consumption. When gut health is supported, the microbes that convert feed into energy increase digestion, feed consumption and ultimately productivity. Promoting digestion can be achieved with a safe (no-urea) option to avoid toxicity.

Microbes as a protein source

In stock the gut flora (rumen microbes) break down fibrous feed matter and are key to the conversion of feed into energy. Interestingly, rumen microbes contain high protein (up to 60%) and when digested, they provide a significant portion of sheep and cattle protein requirements.

Dry Conditions

During dry conditions there is often a lack of protein and minerals which decreases rumen microbe activity. This slows digestion down to the point that stock have reduced ability to consume enough dry feed to maintain condition. This is an ever-decreasing circle; the poorer the feed quality becomes as the season progresses, the less animals digest and the less they eat of poor quality feed, and so it goes!

It is important to keep stock condition, the more they eat the better production outcomes. The animal grade humic and fulvic acids in BioMAX Stock Lick combined with macro and trace minerals are natural stimulants to healthy gut activity and extend rumen microbial function. In turn increasing digestion and wider intake of dry feed.

Safe Formulation (No-Urea)

Urea can have a similar effect in increasing feed consumption in dry conditions however it can be highly toxic when consumed too quickly by stock. BioMAX Stock Lick utilises natural rumen microbe stimulation of animal grade humic and fulvic acids to increase digestion and feed consumption, combined with amino acids for protein synthesis.

Minerals in BioMAX Stock Lick

  • Macro elements Calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and sodium have roles in growth and maintenance of bones, teeth, nervous system, muscle function, cardiac function, electrolyte balance and metabolism.
  • Amino acids have roles in protein synthesis, hormone release, immune response, feed conversion, nitrogen balance in tissues and energy production.
  • Trace elements have roles in lactation, reproduction, metabolism, thyroid function (iodine), bone/tissue development and maintaining hair, skin and hooves.
  • Potassium helps maintain digestion and utilisation of other nutrients.

During dry conditions, the better we feed rumen microbes, the better we feed the animals.


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