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Mycorrhizal and nutrient seed treatment

  • Stimulate early root growth, root mass and seedling vigour.
  • Better moisture access in the seed zone.
  • Establish natural mycorrhizal fungi colonisation on plant roots.
  • Grow stronger, more tolerant and productive plants.
  • Increase nutrient availability to plants.
  • Promote natural response to disease in crops during the early germination stage.
  • Plants can access locked up phosphorus and zinc.
  • Improve soil structure in root zone building water holding capacity, aeration and friability.
  • More roots aid in building soil organic carbon.
  • Potential VAM spore carry over for following crops.
  • Bascillus Subtillus (B.Sub) and Trichoderma (Trich) aid plant resilience to plant pathogens.

Typical Analysis

Phosphorus 2.0%
Potassium 0.6%
Sulphur 0.2%
Calcium 5.1%
Silicon 1.7%
Zinc 2.4%
Manganese 1.5%
Humic Acid 4.4%
Fulvic Acid 3.2%
AM inoculant (multiple species) 32,500 propagules/L
pH 7.5- 8.0



Seed Dressing
Rate / T seed
Cereals 10 L/T
Legumes (Beans/Peas) 6 - 10 L/T
Brassicas/Canola/Lupins 20 L/T
Pasture/Lucerne/Turf up to 40 L/T
Potatoes 5 L/T
Onions/Carrots 40 L/T
Chemically Treated Seed - Ensure 2L BioMAX Liquid Fulvic is mixed with every 10L of SureCROP VAM prior to application to seed.
Liquid Inject /Fertigation Rate / Ha
Trees/Vines/Turf 1-2 L/Ha
Vegetables 1-2 L/Ha
Broadacre 100-200 ml/Ha
Dip Plants & Cuttings
All Plants/Vines/Trees/Cuttings
 - Dip roots or cuttings in solution of 2 parts SureCROP VAM : 10 parts BioMAX Liquid Fulvic

What is VAM Fungi?

Vesicular-Arbuscular Mychorrizal Fungi or VAM fungi are naturally occurring fungi that form a beneficial association with plant roots enhancing the plant's mineral absorption and access to moisture.

VAM fungi access locked up phosphorus and zinc.

Successful mycorrhizal fungi colonisation of crop roots can increase access to nutrients (P in particular) and moisture from 100 to 1000 times.


Links & Downloads

SureCrop VAM Flyer including application timing details

SureCrop VAM SDS


Further Information

Do not store product in direct sunlight or for long periods.

Apply using LawrieCo SureCROP Applicator or using conventional seed dressing applicator. Determine auger flow rate and apply appropriate volume via hopper or pickle hole.

Compatible with rhizobium innoculums. (pH 6.5 or above before addition).

Compatible with chemically pickled seed. Ensure 2L BioMAX Fulvic is mixed per 10L SureCROP VAM. BioMAX Fulvic will provide a 'buffer' between chemical and biological components.

Do not mix SureCROP VAM directly with chemicals.

Available in 20L, 110L and 1000L containers.