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In-Crop Nitrogen efficiency

4 July 2018

Cropping and livestock producer at Mundulla Ian Pfitzner shares his experience with using a carbon source (BioMAX Fulvic Liquid or Powder) to reduce burn from high rate nitrogen applications in crops and pasture.

"I have used high rates of UAN, up to 70 L/ha in previous years. 

I always use Fulvic, powder or liquid to minimise leaf burn, and have found this to be most effective. 

This year I have applied 40 L/ha with Fulvic which softens the tank mix and allows easy uptake by the crop or pasture."

How does the addition of a 'Carbon' source with Nitrogen applications give a Return on Investment?

  1. Minimise leaf burn so that plant growth is not adversely affected by high nitrogen rates
  2. Better plant uptake as a good carbon source will improve the ability of plant leaf and roots to take up the nitrogen
  3. Improve nutrient efficiency - carbon source will hold nutrients available in the root zone for longer (reduce leaching and loss to atmosphere)
  4. Increase Yield and Improve Grain Quality - check out this report from an independent Peracto Trial on Nitrogen Efficiency in Wheat at Tarlee SA Trial Report
  5. Tip: Spray applications are best timed when plants are not under stress e.g. post frost

Include 'Carbon' sources with Nitrogen In Crop

Specific Crop Rates

Contact your Area Manager to discuss your current nitrogen program and how to include a carbon source