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Mid Season Crop Nutrient Gap

7 August 2018

Bill Greenslade, new LawrieCo Area Manager talks about the use of mid-season nutrition to support crop yield and quality.

In broadacre cropping there is one product I would like to introduce to you which is applicable to the current stage of the season.

A product NutriMAX Phoscal is having some very encouraging results in pulses, based on recent results in Faba Beans Click Here for Trial Report


LawrieCo has had this product in horticulture for some time now and it is now gaining momentum in broadacre, particularly pulses and lucerne. The knowledge and role of the nutrients it contains are well accepted aspects of the late season horticultural programs aimed at maximizing flowering and fruit set. The experienced LawrieCo team see the reproductive phases of pulse crops similar to the hort priorities of maximising flowering a fruit (pods).

As we head into spring in most seasons our soils start to draw down on moisture further down the profile. The top 20cm enters a cycle of wetting and drying. Most of our root mass and nutrient is contained in the top 20cm so there is a fair rationale that nutrient access via soil gets more difficult in spring. Some of the responses from NutriMAX PhosCal maybe as a result of bridging or addressing this later season short fall. Many of the nutrients are targeted at the later and reproductive growth stages of the crop which may explain some of the positive responses we are seeing.

Calcium is not considered a limiting factor in much of our higher pH cropping soils, the soil tests show that it is in abundance. Calcium is not that soluble so given the wetting and drying in late season do we have adequate supply? Calcium is the heavy lifter of the nutrient world, effectively it is a transport mechanism for the plant to move nutrient around. As spring arrives and the crop demands increase is there enough Calcium to efficiently complete this task?

You will see the analysis is made up of nutrients such as Calcium that are not often talked about in alkaline soil production systems, particularly in later growth stages of crops. What we do know is that many of the nutrients supplied are critical in the reproduction phase, for nutrient transport and for plant structural strength.

Cereals: As we have seen some great results in beans. In wheat given that NutriMAX PhosCal contains many of nutrients required for efficient use of nitrogen by the plant, LawrieCo believes there is a likely benefit to this crop. We seem to be chasing higher yields which can dilute protein which, when below 10%, is a likely indicator that some yield has been left on the table. It looks likely that the increasing discounts to lower protein wheat will continue - so at sub $10/ha NutriMAX PhosCal is likely to see yield and protein benefit in wheat through better use of nitrogen.

There are also nutrients in NutriMAX PhosCal that are critical to plant structural strength and may be of benefit if you have had problems with crops lodging.


The LawrieCo technical team has put a large amount of effort into refining this suspension to be a formulation that will hold together as formerly the nutrients have be tough to keep compatible. Being made from predominately plant available organic sources the experience has been that the product also seems soft on the crop.

Contact Bill Greenslade or your Area Manager to discuss integrating NutriMAX PhosCal into your crops nutritional program this season.




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