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Nutrient Packed Results

12 September 2017

Following the release of unique liquid nutrition product NutriMAX PhosCal producers we work with and distributors are reporting:

  • Yield response
  • Quality; including shelf-life and consistency
  • Better resistance to pest and disease
  • Improved flowering and fruit set

Why does PhosCal give a powerful reponse in plants?

Mostly it is attributable to the unique nutrient coupling of calcium and phosphorus in one product. In general the growth nutrient (phosphorus) teamed with plant strength nutrient (calcium) means plants respond with healthy growth and fruiting outcomes.

Normally these two nutrients can not be applied in combination. In PhosCal they can both be applied via foliar or fertigation, in addition to other essential nutrients Silica and Boron. The product also has good compatibility with other applied nutrition.

What are the benefits of the nutrients in PhosCal?

  • Calcium applied as a foliar is essential for building plant cell strength, coupled with
  • Phosphorus for improved flower formation and seed production and a more uniform and earlier crop maturity and
  • Boron requirement in plants are higher for the reproductive growth phase than vegetative and it will improve flower production and retention, seed and fruit development
  • Silica is a key to cell strength and good plant levels are associated with plant resilliance to pest and disease.
  • Availability - the above nutrients are delivered in a highly plant available form in Phos-Cal making it easy for plants to uptake and an efficient way to apply nutrition.

Example of results producers are seeing

  • Early flowering response and improved retention in legume crops when using the combination of PhosCal and HumiPLEX Trace
  • Significant yield increase in grape vines
  • Reduced fungal disease and insect damage across many crop types
  • Improved flavour, crisper fruit and less fruit marking in table grapes
  • Longer produce shelf life in stone fruit and vegetables
  • Yield response in broadacre crops

For more product information: NutriMAX PhosCal

Or contact your LawrieCo Area Manager to discuss how Phos-Cal can fit into your fertiliser program and find a distributor near you.


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