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VIDEO - Soil Biology in Agriculture

10 April 2017

Representing LawrieCo at the recent Soil Biology in Ag forum were (pictured from left) Bruce Creek, Cygnet Park group of Farms and Rodney Capon Area Manager. Their presentation in-conjunction with Mat Denton shared practical application, economic outcomes and local innovation in integrating 'biologicals' into current fertiliser practices with a focus on cropping and pasture enterprises.

They joined informative presentations, including those from Joel Salatin, Walter Jehne, Dick Richardson at the forum held at Currency Creek on March 1st.

The booked out event highlighted the growing interest of SA farm enterprises looking for information and solutions to integrating management of soil biology into farm practices.

Thank you to the collective SA NRM groups who combined to host a great event.

WATCH the presentation on YouTube

Plus access other presentations from the forum