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Solubility key to Nutrient Availability

11 January 2017

Many fertiliser products under the ‘biologicals’ banner have become mainstream inputs for broadacre cropping, pasture, horticulture, tree crops and vineyards. This reflects the significant productivity outcomes and benefits of biologicals when integrated with current fertiliser practices.

Humates are a long standing and well researched biological; a brown coal (lignite) based, carbon source containing high concentration of humic acid which has many benefits to offer in agricultural production. Lignites contain the highest concentration of naturally occurring humic acids.

To maximise on-farm benefits it is important to consider humates physical characteristics for ease of application and secondly, solubility for immediate reactivity. Both can vary significantly within the range of humate products available.

Key features of BioMAX Soluble Humate Prill:

  • High solubility is a good indication of the humic acid concentration, its ability to become part of the soil solution (liquid phase of soil) and chemical activity. This increases its dispersion in the soil and levels of chemical bonding with nutrients, keeping more nutrients plant available.
  • Product handling and ease of application is critical when a humate product is combined with other granular fertilisers. The unique manufacturing and coating technology applied to BioMAX Soluble Humate Prill reduces dust, creates structural stability (reduced crumbling) and minimises reactivity when mixed with other granular fertilisers.

NutriMAX a Next Generation Fertiliser

The above features are essential for superior crop performance with the NutriMAX Granular Range which combines BioMAX Soluble Humate Prill with customised MAP, DAP and SOA for crop establishment.

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What is Humic

Humic (or humic acid) is a component of soil organic carbon, it is present naturally in soils. Healthy, productive soils have a higher humic content.
The humic in our products is an extract from lignite / brown coal and selected for its high quality analysis and physical properties to ensure ease of application and consistency in the paddock.

How does humic work in the soil?