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Nutrient Advantage of BioGraze compared to Single Super

19 December 2016

BioGraze is a mix of soluble phosphorus for a quick response and slow-release phosphorus for sustained pasture growth. Plus calcium, sulfur and trace elements essential for stock health and balanced pasture growth.
The nutrient uptake technology will maximise return on your investment. The advanced technology in BioGraze is based on the bonding capability of humic which delivers improved phosphorus availablity, reducing P lock-up.


What is Humic?

Humic (or humic acid) is part of soil organic carbon, it is present naturally in soils.
Healthy, productive soils have a higher humic content.
The humic in our products is an extract from lignite / brown
coal and selected for high quality analysis and physical properties to ensure ease of application and consistency in the paddock.

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