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Team Update on Biologicals

29 November 2016

Your Areas Sales Managers Peter Davidson and Rodney Capon, attended the recent “Pay Dirt” National Biological Farming Conference and Expo along with Olivia Grivell and Mathew Denton. The conference focused attention on enhancing soil biodiversity for improved productivity and profit whilst delivering long term environmental and farm sustainability.

Together with leading international and local producers, researchers and agronomists they explored opportunities over four days for improving the soil’s ability to sustain life through:

  1. Sustainable farming products and services
  2. National, cross-industry forum for knowledge and information sharing and exchange
  3. Worked with Internationally and nationally-respected specialists and farmers to learn and apply new skills
  4. Expanded their already powerful network of farmers plus service providers engaged in biological farming systems

As has been communicated previously, biological systems have moved from the backyard into medium and large-scale farming enterprises as farmers around the country join the search for knowledge and skills in biological farming practices.

Farmers are trialing, perfecting and adopting practices such as cover cropping, composting and biological control of pests and disease to improve resilience to changes in the weather, increase water holding and disease suppression capacity, build soil carbon, reduce input costs and improve product quality. The team were extremely buoyed with the content as it reinforced the financial and sustainable benefit of mixing Biological practices in to standard chemical farm programs.

Amongst the key speakers they had the opportunity to learn from long time LawrieCo clients John and Lorraine Kalleske from Kalleske Wines in the Barossa Valley. John and Lorraine have Grape growing, oats grown biodynamically for breakfast cereal market plus run dorper sheep

They covered off how they are building sustainability and the key focus was on;

  • Calcium Magnesium plus other key ratios
  • Introduced Humates and saw a lot more movement
  • Albrecht system was the key to balancing soil with the single most important statement connecting soil fertility with animal and human health
  • One of the key comments from John was “Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food”

Another key speaker was Dr Ash Martin from Microbiology Laboratories who are a world leader in commercial microbiology analysis of soil, fertilisers and compost for agriculture right here in Adelaide. LawrieCo utilise the skills of Dr’s Ash and Maria in developing products that offer you the best outcomes.

Ash’s broad experience gives him unique, practical skills having worked previously in CSIRO, Monash, NSW Dept ofAg and CSR. All this plus being an agronomist, farmer and nurseryman really position Ash as a great support for LawrieCo and you, our clients and partners.

The knowledge that the team gained plus the opportunity to meet global leaders made the weekend studying biology well worthwhile. They are now collectively working hard for you on improving their knowledge and our product offering even further.



Video's from some presenters are available on the Conference Website

Peter and Rod attended the 'Pay Dirt' conference in Cairns.


Dr Ash Martin presented from Microbiology Labs, based in Adelaide. Re-inforcing the importance of microbial diversity in soil functions.