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Agricultural biologicals set for Growth

26 October 2016

Our clients see the benefits in the paddock of using biological inputs with their fertiliser programs. By being the users of our programs and products they are actually demonstrating they at the cutting edge of innovative farming technologies based on global trends.

Multinational agricultural company’s, are recognising the value of innovation in biological inputs, making significant investments in research and production in Australia and internationally.

An article on Farm Online Australia, highlighted the extent of investment in Australia by ‘chemical giant’ BASF with a $1m upgrade of its inoculant production plant in NSW as well as recently released beneficial bacteria products from Bayer Biologics.

In the article BASF’s head of agriculture for Australia and New Zealand, Gavin Jackson says “biological products are not a replacement for traditional chemistry, but will play an increasing role in co-formulated products to target specific disease or pest management and assist a crop’s performance.”

LawrieCo’s offering shares the multinational view, with our fertiliser programs enabling current chemical fertiliser practices to co-exist and be supported by targeted biological inputs.

The outcomes of our integrated approach to fertiliser management is supported by extensive research and development in biological stimulants and inoculants.

Ultimately the outcomes on the farms we work with highlight the real benefits of integration of chemistry and biology into practical on-farm solutions.

A recent analysis of the global market for agricultural biologicals predicts significant growth to 2020. The growth is attributed to the increasing demand for organic products, increasing global population, improving yield & productivity, and rising cost of fertilisers & pesticides.

One of the specific drivers is a swift growth in the use of microbial seed treatment products as well as the rising health consciousness among people leading to increased consumption of organic food products.

The report identifies

As with the multinationals, LawrieCo are committed to ongoing research and development to offer outcome based, practical fertiliser solutions integrating biological inputs… It is an exciting time for the innovative producers we work with and the potential for Australian agriculture.

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