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Trade Carbon from Fertiliser

29 September 2016

Article from Kangaroo Island Field Day Special Publication, Thurs 22 Sept 2016

BioGraze is designed specifically for pasture productivity – it is a phosphorous fertiliser with the added benefits of trace elements, calcium, sulfur and humic acid.

LawrieCo area manager Peter Davidson said BioGraze had the benefits of soluble phosphorous for short term pasture growth combined with colloidal phosphorous to extend plant availability through the growing season.

The trace element component will boost plant and soil levels with zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt and aid in maintaining animal health.

Unique to pasture fertilisers, the inclusion of a concentrated carbon source, humic provides powerful microbial stimulants while it stabilises phosphorous, improving availability especially in pH-imbalanced soils.

Near Lucindale, Heathfield rural manager Noel Elliott said he had been using LawrieCo fertilisers since 2007. “The liquid fertiliser and solid fertiliser program allows us to cover the whole property every year and stay within our budget guidelines,” he said.

“The program addresses nutrient deficiencies and helps to create strong healthy plants that are less susceptible to pest issues and promote better animal health.”

An additional outcome in soils has been demonstrated improvements in levels of Soil Organic Carbon (SOC). The positive changes in SOC have the added value of removing carbon from the atmosphere.

This opens up a new opportunity for farmers to trade carbon, recently LawrieCo and aggregation partners were successful in securing a carbon abatement contract for 1.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) under the Federal Governments Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF).

Drop in to the LawrieCosite at the Kangaroo Island Field Day to find out more about the liquid and solid fertiliser options and the new opportunities in carbon trading.

LawrieCo is a South Australian, family owned, farming nutritional company that produces liquid and solid fertilisers focusing on healthy soils, plants and animals to deliver productivity.