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Balanced Fertiliser for Pasture Productivity & Stock Health Benefits

  • A new formulation with increased availability of Phosphorus.
  • 3 New blends designed to maximise your pasture and stock health.
  • Including powerful stimulants to aid plants in regenerating Soil Organic Carbon.
  • A mix of soluble phosphorus for a quick response and slow release phosphorus for long lasting P delivery and sustained pasture growth.
  • Better pasture productivity and nutrient value for dryland, dairy and irrigated grazing.
  • Nutrient dense pasture and quality hay for healthy stock.
  • Build soil water holding capacity, so pasture stays greener for longer.
  • Enhances soil biological function and soil carbon.
  • Balanced nutrients with phosphorus, calcium, sulfur and trace elements combined with humic and fulvic.
  • A blend of colloidal and soluble phosphorus to maximise seasonal growth and production.
  • BioGraze can be customised to suit soil and pasture needs, adding potassium, trace elements and others.

Typical Analysis (w/w - dry basis)

Nitrogen 1.7%
Phosphorus 5.68%
Sulphur 4.4%
Calcium 10.0%
Organic Carbon 11.4%
Humic Acid 14.0%
Silicon 6.07%
Magnesium 0.4%
Zinc 0.3%
Manganese 0.37%
Copper 0.065%
Cobalt 0.005%




BioGraze 150-250kg/Ha
BioGraze P Plus 150-250kg/Ha
BioGraze SOA 150-250kg/Ha
Broadcast with a belt spreader.

Prescription Blends and blends with Potassium available on request.

Rates and timings may change depending on crop and season.
Always consult a LawrieCo consultant or distributor for specific recommendations.


BioGraze Pasture Fertiliser


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