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Crop Establishment

Crop Growth and returns can be enhanced with the combination of

NutriMAX Granular

with Innovative Coating Technology for easy handling - Read More

SURECROP VAM treated seed



2017 Cropping Trial Results on Faba Beans with NutriMAX PhosCal


Granular Fertiliser

NutriMAX Granular fertiliser range - NPKS + Humic

NutriMAX Guano Granule

BioMAX Soluble Humate Prill



A type of fungi, Arbuscular Mychorrizal (AM) is also known as Vesicular-Arbuscular Mychorrizal (VAM).
They are naturally occurring fungi that form a beneficial association with plant roots enhancing the plant’s nutrient absorption and access to moisture in the soil.  
Most agricultural crops grown in Australia have a medium to very high VAM dependency, influencing the potential for yield loss from 40-90%.   ProCrop NSW DPI

Seed Dressings

SureCrop VAM Nutrient + Biologicals Seed Treatments

SureCROP Zinc Nutrient Seed Treatment


Post Emergent Liquids

HumiPLEX Liquid Trace Elements with Fulvic Chelate

NutriMAX Complex NPKs + BioStimulant Liquids

Crop Residue / Stubble Management

Crop Residue Management Program  - BioMAX Digest Fungi

For specific cropping programs please Contact LawrieCo or your local Distributor for more information.