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Cereal Crop Program

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Crop Establishment Products

Seed dressing and upfront granular fertiliser options

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Post Emergent Liquids

High concentration zinc, manganese and copper plus a unique combination of phosphorus and calcium in NutriMAX Phoscal

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Faba Bean Trial Results

Assessed the yield response to in-crop nutrition application with NutriMAX PhosCal. Demonstrated yield increase and high return on nutrient investment.

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Residue Management

Return vital nutrients back to the soil, increase stock feeb benefits and improve seeder handing next season

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In-Crop N Applications

Minimise leaf burn and maximise nitrogen efficiency

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Seed Dressing

Introduce essential nutrients and biological inoculums to get the right start for crops

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Barley Trial Results - DPI

The nutrient investment coupled with high yield resulted in the LawrieCo treatment producing the Highest Return on nutrient investment.

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